Our Impact

Positively impacting individuals and communities

As an innate part of our operations we have an impact on the lives of rural Australians. Every client we take on grows the job opportunities available for people who have faced geographical and single industry reliance disadvantages. We provide training and upskilling opportunities for all of our employees to receive formal qualifications as part of their employment with us. And we also work on bring more business support and education/information sessions to the local community through our EyreBiz Works and EyreBiz Bytes events, and support and sponsorship of community organisations.

We’re Social Traders

We’re proud to be certified Social Traders with a social enterprise mission is to provide equal opportunities for rural Australians.

Impact for individuals:

Empowering rural-based individuals with jobs, careers, income, and connection.

Addressing underemployment and unemployment

Supportive upskilling with formal certifications

BAS agent: 26174214

Flexible work - farm and family friendly

BAS agent: 26174214

Geographically accessible jobs close to families

BAS agent: 26174214

Social Outcomes:

Creating new jobs in rural Australia

Building economic resilience for regional communities

Connecting rural people to city work

Reducing barriers to employment for under-represented people

Solving labour shortages

Our employees are more than:





To deliver outcomes for individuals we provide:


  • New jobs created in geographically isolated areas (150km+ from nearest cities) where there are comparatively few job options. These jobs are sustained by have a significant portion of client work sourced from outside the geographical area.


  • Welcoming people who may have been out of the workforce or underemployed for some time.


  • We provide a flexible working environment that supports women back into the workforce and allows them to balance their commitments.


  • We also provide structured support in the workplace to develop confidence and provide expertise as needed.


  • Our employees are provided paid training hours to complete formal qualifications, such as certificates in business and finance.


  • New employees are trained and upskilled in systems they may not have used before.

What our Employees Say:

“Prior to the opportunity to be a part of Eyre Business my Husband was working interstate. Eyre Business has provided an opportunity to expand my work skills locally and allowed my family to reunite and improved all of our Mental Wellbeing.

Thankyou Eyre Business.”  


“After a few years of unemployment, it was nice to be welcomed into a business that supports women and has allowance for flexibility around family commitments.”

“Eyre Business has given me the opportunity to return to work after fifteen years out of the workforce.  I appreciate the flexible working arrangements, as I also work within a local farming business.  During the twelve months that I have been working here, I have achieved my goal of completing a Certificate III in Business, giving me a qualification which I can use in the future.” 

We have provided our staff with more than:

Paid training hours

We are committed to and provide paid training to allow our staff to upskill and receive formal qualifications they may lack. Through the Boosting Traineeships Scheme, Skilling SA and our own on-the-job training programs, we are proud to empower our employees to grow confidence, opportunities and connections.

We are sponsoring mature-aged and school-based traineeships, and our employees are gaining formal qualifications such as  a Certificate III in Business Administration.

The Eyre Business team is grateful for the government-funded schemes to boost traineeships that substantially assisted our ability to upskill and employ rural women and trainees, creating sustainable futures, careers and jobs. Funded training has made it possible for our team to deliver high-quality service to our customers.

To deliver positive community outcomes:

We provide a diversity in income source for rural communities – rather than being wholly dependent on agriculture like most of the local businesses the money that is brought into the business has diversified sources. This promotes cashflow through the community and reduces the impact of agricultural setbacks like drought, floods, and commodity prices, which can have devastating effect.

We provide a solution to labour shortages that are currently being felt across the country by including people outside traditional labour markets.

We also have visible impact on the local community through:


We are passionate about our local community and sponsor and support local events – this includes the Kimba Community Show.


Our EyreBiz Works offer information, support, and networking opportunities for the local business community.




Our EyreBiz Bytes sessions are short tutorial sessions open to community members, especially the older generation, to assist in developing digital literacy.

We actively participate in events of our local community.

The Eyre Business Centre – our office and co-working place provides a convenient place for people to host meetings and work in an office environment. Our facilities are available to the community and also accommodate visiting professionals – such as accountants and lawyers, so local rural community members do not have hours of additional to travel to get the professional advice they need.

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