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 Rural people delivering administration services with impact across Australia

Launched in 2020 to create work opportunities for rural Australians, Eyre Business has quickly built a reputation for professional administration services and corporate experience, aligned with strong social benefit.

From our Kimba base in regional South Australia, Eyre Business thrives as an accredited social enterprise, presenting rural people a chance to use their skills in careers not otherwise accessible.

Our committed, friendly team provides tailored, cost-effective virtual office support while helping rural economies to become more resilient among ongoing challenges of drought, floods, fires and COVID-19.

Our Vision

Eyre Business will be the country’s leading Professional Business Support Services provider powered by the creation of jobs, career paths and connection for capable rural Aussies.

    Why are we needed?

    We impact individuals.

    Rural Australians often have limited job opportunities in their local areas; meaning they either have to sacrifice extra income and independence, or they have move away from where they and their families call home.

    By creating an alternative employment pathway we are providing opportunities that can change individuals and their families lives. While also filling the need for administration workers for businesses across Australia.

    We support communities.

    A large percentage of jobs in rural Australia are heavily dependent on Australia’s boom to bust cycle of agriculture, even jobs that are not directly agricultural are affected by less money flowing through the community. We promote economic resilience by providing another stream of income, that is not agricultural dependent, allowing communities to retain members that might otherwise have to move away.

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    We’re Social Traders

    We’re proud to be certified Social Traders with social enterprise mission is to provide equal opportunities for rural Australians.

    Impact for individuals:

    Empowering rural-based individuals with jobs, careers, income, and connection.

    Addressing underemployment and unemployment

    Supportive upskilling with formal certifications

    BAS agent: 26174214

    Flexible work - farm and family friendly

    BAS agent: 26174214

    Geographically accessible jobs close to families

    BAS agent: 26174214

    Social Outcomes:

    Creating new jobs in rural Australia

    Building economic resilience for regional communities

    Connecting rural people to city work

    Reducing barriers to employment for under-represented people

    Solving labour shortages

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    Our People

    Kathleen Tierney


    Kathleen has a Bachelor of Business, an MBA and 30 plus years of national and global executive experience in national and corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and divestment projects. Living in Perth with a successful consulting business, Kath is a successful businesswoman, frequent industry guest speaker, and a long time Board member/Vice Chair of an NFP.

    Kerri Cliff


    A country girl born and raised, Kerri has a strong passion for community. Kerri and family, Farm Owners Academy Alumni members, operate a large family farming enterprise in Kimba.  Kerri has had a lifetime involvement in community leadership roles representing a wide variety of organisations in Kimba and Eyre Peninsula on local committees, regional organisations and state and national committees.

    Our Team

    Our team is a diverse mix of ages and experience, with a common thread of being mostly women from rural backgrounds. We have a wide range of transferable skills and our multigenerational team supports each other and promotes continuous learning.

    Our employees are more than:





    We have:

    Experienced Workers

    Members of our team have an extensive range of experience, from a corporate executive and business advisor to small business owners and workers in a range of industries.

    Committed Volunteers

    Our team members have collectively put hundreds of volunteer hours into the organisations we support, gaining valuable experience along the way.  Experience includes rural ambassadors, local citizens of the year, local committee members, and service on a state advisory council.

    Continuous development

    Every employee of Eyre Business, no matter their skill level, is undertaking further training to deliver the latest expertise and create a culture of continual learning.


    We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and thankful for the recognition we’ve gained.

    Semi-finalist South Australian Community Achievement Awards 2021

    Finalist South Australia Community Achievement Awards 2022

    State Finalist Telstra Best of Business Awards 2023

    Eyre Business
    Eyre Business
    Social Traders certification logo
    Social Traders certification logo




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