Business & Office Services

We can assist with all your business needs including office administration, data entry & management systems, employee management, business planning, benchmarking, IT support, website design & management and photography services including drone photography.

Office & Administration

  • Back-up or short term virtual office support
  • Assistance in setting up office and management systems
  • Document creation
  • Office advice on an ongoing basis
  • Assistance with software programs, hardware set up and troubleshooting

Data Entry & Management Systems

  • Set up documents and systems to manage your business
  • Data entry
  • File management
  • Report Creation

Employee Management

  • Assist in hiring the right candidate to keep teams running smoothly
  • Guidance to improve team/individual performance
  • Advice on key employment laws and obligations

Business Planning & Benchmarking

  • Performance benchmarking survey and data
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Financial analysis and business templates

IT Support

  • Assist in set-up of computer and other technology and equipment
  • Train business owners in utilising software
  • Troubleshoot business/office solutions

Website Support

  • Initial setup
  • Training in website management
  • Website administration and management
  • Logo and Graphic Design

Photography Services

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